Hockey will be starting up again soon.  Time to check your kids equipment to make sure what still fits and what does not!  Take advantage of this program to connect with your community to find other hockey parents who would like to exchange their equipment as well!

Join the Facebook Group “Mississauga Hockey” and between September 25th to October 10th, post the equipment you would like to freecycle – include a picture, condition of the item, size, and your location.  Interested parties will express their interest on the post and you can pick who you would like to give it to.

If you are looking for specific equipment, post an “ISO” (in search of) and a description of what you are looking for.  Adding a picture will help to gain attention.

Once you connect with someone on your post, continue the conversation with a direct message.  To be respectful of the process, never DM a giver directly without being invited to do so.

This will be a great economical way to exchange your equipment, and find what you need for the upcoming season.

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