Scotiabank Cup

Scotiabank Cups

The Championship Team in the playoff series in each Category is presented every season with a trophy, known as the SCOTIABANK CUP!  All Championship team members are presented with gold medallions and finalists with silver medallions.  Bronze medal games are hosted for teams in Minor Novice through Bantam.

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Series Winners

The Team with the best regular season record in each Category is presented every season with a SERIES WINNER AWARD.  All Series Winner team members are presented with an award shortly after the regular season is completed.

Hazel McCallion Sportsmanship Award

The Mayors’ Sportsmanlike Awards were established in 2002 a year after the approval and introduction of the Violence and Vandalism Policy at the request of the Mayor.  Each season the MHL Area Associations nominated one team that exemplified good sportsmanlike conduct and an overall positive attitude towards the game of hockey and fair play.

The first presentation was held in the spring of 2002 in the Great Hall of the Civic Centre with a total of 7 MHL teams receiving the award.

Following the Mayor’s retirement in 2014, the MHL commissioned an award in honour of Hazel to be presented annually to one MHL team that met the former Mayor’s standards of sportsmanship and fair play.

For 2015-2016 the Hazel McCallion Sportsmanship Award was presented to Meadowvale Atom Red 051.  Their adoption of a local senior’s home and David & Hunter’s story of kindness and courage won them this prestigious award.

Beloved former Mayor Hazel McCallion gave the crowd an enthusiastic speech about her love of hockey.  “Hockey is Canada’s game!” McCallion told a cheering crowd of parents, coaches and players. McCallion said that she’s proud to have her name on this special award.

Hazel with ME051


Rosemarie Fletcher Memorial Award - Administrator

Rosemarie Fletcher Memorial Award – Administrator

Rosemarie Fletcher Memorial Award – Administrator

In memory of Rosemarie Fletcher, a dedicated administrator, volunteer and parent of the Mississauga Hockey League. This award was presented annually for ten years to the MHL “Administrator of the Year” as selected from his/her peers. The recipient of this award demonstrated his/her skills of professionalism, dedication, organizational abilities and the desire to bring all members including coaches, parents and players of the league together as one. This award is on permanent display in the Mississauga Hockey League Office.

The recipients over ten years of Rosemarie Fletcher Memorial Award recipients include:
2001 – Sandra Smith
2002 – Darlene Cancilla, Shelley Visser
2003 – Leona Elliott
2004 – Bill Beaton, Sue Shepherd
2005 – Karin Kormann
2006 – Phyllis Johnston
2007 – Cathy Petruniak
2008 – Betty Jo Parent
2010 – Wendy Webster
2011 – Lisa Day

Hall of Fame Honour Role – Coach, Manager, Executive, Player

Presented in memory of Warren T. Marshall by the Mississauga Hockey League in 1973, Hall of Fame members are recognized for both their outstanding contributions and high level of responsibility within the league. Recipients may be coaches, managers, trainers, players or executives. The MHL Hall of Fame Honour Roll is on permanent display at Erin Mills Twin Arena.

To view the Hall of Fame Honour Roll Nomination Form CLICK HERE .

Past recipients of the MHL Hall of Fame Honour Roll include:

1965 – Ed Bellengham
1965 – John Brennman
1965 – Bill Buss
1965 – Jim Callahan
1965 – Lyman Chapman
1965 – Ron Ellis
1965 – Vic Fish
1965 – Ed Ginger
1965 – Benny Henderson
1965 – Cliff Jenkins
1965 – W.E. (Marsh) Marshall
1965 – Jack McIntyre
1965 – D.H. Dusty Miller
1965 – Fred Stanfield
1965 – Jack Stanfield
1966 – Al McCallum
1967 – Art Corbett
1967 – Lindsay Leslie
1968 – Al Bathurst
1969 – Howard Pallett
1969 – Morley Peeling
1970 – Alex MacPherson
1970 – Gord Stanfield
1970 – Al Vollick
1971 – Jack Weech
1971 – Dr. A. W. Wood
1973 – Warren T. Marshall
1976 – Greg Anaka
1977 – Ken Cox
1978 – Bill Corner
1978 – Graham Hunt
1979 – Keith Cornell
1979 – Al Hicks
1979 – Bill Peeling
1979 – Fred Pippa
1980 – Ed Armstrong
1983 – Merle Biggart
1983 – Russ Biggart
1983 – John Emo
1983 – Bob Heise
1983 – Wally Reid
1986 – Bob Wilcox
1986 – Jerry Hughes
1988 – Fred Buchal
1992 – Ed Hobley
1992 – Bob Fletcher
1993 – Bill Higgins
1998 – Rory Adair
1998 – John McLaughlin
1998 – Frank Schryver
1999 – Joe Brooks
2000 – Carl Huson
2000 – Ian Upwood
2001 – Rene Leenaars
2001 – Tim Manning
2002 – Doug Ellis
2002 – Rosemarie Fletcher
2002 – Gord Hughes
2003 – Alf Johnson
2003 – Ken Smith
2004 – John McCreath
2005 – Shelley Visser
2008 – Michael Lawrence
2008 – Ken Yetman
2010 – Bob Baratto
2010 – Harold Langille
2012 – John Cassan

Service Awards – Volunteers

Mississauga Hockey League Service Awards are presented annually to members of our hockey community in recognition of the longevity of their effort and commitment to the league. Special Awards for 20, 25 and 30 years of service, special recognition plaque and pin for 15 years and MHL specialty pins for 5 and 10 years of service are presented based on years of service.

Years of Service awards are determined based on the information provided by Volunteers when registering in the MHL Registration system.

George McBride Memorial Award – Referee

In memory of George McBride, a long time referee, volunteer and parent with the Mississauga Hockey League. This award is presented annually to the MHL referee as selected from his/her peers who portrays characteristics of dedication, positive attitude, fairplay, communication skills and an overwhelming desire to be a dedicated member of the league.

This award is on permanent display at the Mississauga Hockey League Office. Recipients may be nominated by MHL Referee Supervisors.

Past recipents of the George McBride Memorial Award include:

George McBride Memorial Award - Referee

George McBride Memorial Award – Referee

2001 – Brian McBride
2002 – Jeff Graham
2003 – Clark Grant
2004 – David Mailloux
2005 – Tony Ditella
2006 – James Lynn
2007 – Niall Smith
2008 – Tom Fatsis
2009 – Mike Bennett
2010 – Chris Walton
2011 – Norm Card
2012 – John Hurdis
2013 – Carl Friday
2014 – Dave Newsome
2015 – Chris Reid
2016 – Richard Goodridge

Presidents Honour Roll – Presidents

The Presidents Honour Roll offers permanent tribute and recognition to Mississauga Hockey League Presidents, past and present. The Presidents Honour role is on display at Erin Mills Twin Arena.

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