Training & Certification Requirements

The MHL will be following Hockey Canada, Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), and Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) requirements for coaches entering the 2022-23 season.

The outlined requirements (which are subject to change) will be for all volunteers who wish to be rostered to a Team.  Previously trained volunteers may have attained many of the requirements.

For the 2022-2023 season:

  • Head Coaches taking a clinic for the first time will not be required to have a certified status.
  • All Head Coaches who require a Development 1 – Certified status but do not have one can be approved to a Roster and considered “in progress” if they have submitted the 3 certification steps for an in-season evaluation.  For further information click here.
  • Coaches with an expiring or expired certified status are required to participate in professional development to maintain their certified status.  For more information on certification maintenance, click here.
  • A Head Coach can be conditionally approved if they are enrolled in a GTHL Development 1 clinic or a Development 1 clinic within the OHF before December 31st.
  • To cover those situations where a Team’s coaching staff is new to the MHL, the effective date for such certification is December 1st of each season.  Note that some of our Area Associations may subsidize the cost of some (or all) of the required certifications.  Please contact your Area Association for information regarding cost reimbursement.

Click here to review the Bench Staff Requirements for 2023-2024.

With respect to “Vulnerable Sector Screening” (i.e. Police Check) referred to in the Requirements, please see below.



As of May, 2021 eHockey can no longer be accessed.  Registration for clinics and to check qualifications will be done through the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR3.0).

If you have been registered for hockey previously as a Player, Coach, Official, or Trainer you will be able to view your profile and sign up for a clinic by creating an account in the Hockey Canada Registry.  If you are new to hockey you will be required to create a new account and profile.  The following links provide assistance in setting up your account and how to check your qualifications:

How to Create a New Account – Click HERE

How to Link your Profile and Check Qualifications – Click HERE

Vulnerable Sector Search / Police Check Information:

All volunteers are required to obtain a Criminal Reference Check (CRC, or “Police Check”) with Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) as per Hockey Canada, OHF, GTHL and MHL Regulations.

The means to obtain these Checks and costs associated therewith vary from municipality to municipality.  Since the vast majority of our volunteers live in Mississauga (i.e. Peel Region), the information which follows will relate to instructions for Peel residents.  For volunteers who live outside of Peel Region, please call the MHL Office at 905-607-1118 and we’ll explain your options.

If you live in Peel Region, you can access the applicable application form online by clicking here.

Once it is completed by the Police it will be emailed back to YOU.  Upon receipt, please forward it to us for processing.  Note that we cannot accept a Police Check that is more than six (6) months old.

A second form that you might require is a “Community Organization and Volunteer Authorization Letter”.  This is a document signed by the MHL or your Area Association advising the Police that you are, in fact, a community volunteer.  This will enable the Police (in Peel Region) to waive the finger-print charge for the Vulnerable Sector Search.  To download this Letter, click here.

Once we have your Police Check we’ll log the date thereof into your Hockey Canada profile and file it under lock and key.  Police Checks provided to MHL are “good” for three (3) years of continuous service.

Please note that the processing time for Peel Police Checks has averaged 3 to 4 weeks.  It will take somewhat longer if finger-printing is required (to verify your identity), so please don’t delay in dropping off these forms.

Also, for those who already have a Police Check with VSS on file with the MHL (and you’ve remained in continuous service to MHL), your 3-year update Check can also be done on-line (at a cost of $28.25 tax included) via Sterling Backcheck.  Note that Sterling Backcheck is unable to provide a Vulnerable Sector Search, so this option only works if you’ve provided us with a Police Check with VSS in the past.