Certification Requirements

ALL Volunteers (i.e. Coaches, Managers, Trainers, On-Ice Helpers):

  • Must be registered with the League (contact your Area Association to register as a Team Official)
  • Must have Speak Out or Respect in Sport certification (further details below)
  • Must have a current Police Check (with Vulnerable Sector Search) on file with the League (further details below)

Team Certification:

  • Each Tyke team and each House League team in the divisions of Minor Novice through Atom must include at least one Team Official who at a minimum is certified under the Hockey Canada Initiation Program (HCIP) (further details below).
  • Each House League team in the divisions of Minor Peewee and above must include at least one Team Official who is certified at the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Coach Stream, or higher (further details below).
  • Each “A” team must include at least one Team Official who is certified at the NCCP Development 1 level, or higher (further details below).
  • Each “A”, Gold and Red level team must have one Team Official qualified as a Trainer (HDCO Certified) (further details below).

To cover those situations where a Team’s coaching staff is new to the MHL, the effective date for such certification is December 15th of each season.  Note that some of our Area Associations may subsidize the cost of some (or all) of the required certifications.  Please contact your Area Association for information regarding cost reimbursement.

Coach Registration:

All volunteers will be registered into the Hockey Canada Registry.  Some Associations will ask you to do this yourself, others will handle it on your behalf.  Either way, your Area Association will let you know.  Volunteers used to be issued “certification cards” upon completion of various clinics, but this is no longer the case.  All clinic information is now logged into your Hockey Canada Profile.

Speak Out / Respect in Sport Certification:

All volunteers are required to obtain “Speak Out” certification as per Hockey Canada and MHL regulations.  The purpose of this training is to educate coaches on preventing bullying, harassment, and abuse.  This course will assist in developing skills in communication and interaction with players in the hockey environment.  This certification can be obtained in one of two ways:

1 – Attend a 3 hour Speak Out seminar.  For Clinic costs, dates, and locations, please click here.

2 – Take a 3 hour online equivalent to Speak Out called Respect in Sport – Activity Leader/Coach, the cost of which is $30 and can be done at your leisure within a 30-day time frame.  To register for Respect in Sport, please click here.

Police Check Information:

All volunteers are required to obtain a Criminal Reference Check (CRC, or “Police Check”) with Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) as per Hockey Canada and MHL regulations.

The means to obtain these Checks and costs associated therewith vary from municipality to municipality.  Since the vast majority of our volunteers live in Mississauga (i.e. Peel Region), the information which follows will relate to instructions for Peel residents.  For volunteers who live outside of Peel Region, please call the MHL Office at 905-607-1118 and we’ll explain your options.

First off, you’ll need to visit the MHL Office (3615 Laird Rd., Unit 14, Mississauga), or your Area Association, and obtain two documents.  The first is called “Form A – Vulnerable Sector Police Records Search”.  This is the “Police Check” itself and you’ll complete this and provide it to the Police, along with identification.  Once it is completed by the Police it will be mailed back to YOU.  Upon receipt, please forward it to us (the original, that is).  Note that we cannot accept a Police Check that is more than four (4) months old

The second form you’ll require is a “Community Organization and Volunteer Authorization Letter”.  This is a document signed by the MHL or your Area Association advising the Police that you are, in fact, a community volunteer.  This will enable the Police (in Peel Region) to provide this Check on a no-charge basis.

Once we have your Police Check we’ll log the date thereof into your Hockey Canada profile and file it under lock and key.  Police Checks provided to MHL are “good” for three (3) years of continuous service.

The main location for dropping-off Police Checks is Peel Region Police Headquarters in Brampton… 7750 Hurontario Street.  They do have extended daytime hours and are also open on Saturday.  Specific details are listed on Form A.  (There are also some additional “satellite” drop-off locations throughout Mississauga, the quickest of which is at Square One mall, also listed on Form A.)

Please note that the processing time for Peel Police Checks has averaged 3 to 4 weeks.  It will take somewhat longer if finger-printing is required (to verify your identity), so please don’t delay in dropping off these forms.

Note that there is an expedited option as well, though it will cost you $45 and can be done only at the Peel Police HQ at 7750 Hurontario St.

Also, for those who already have a Police Check with VSS on file with the MHL (and you’ve remained in continuous service to MHL), your 3-year update Check can also be done on-line (at a cost of $25) via myBackCheck.com.  Note that myBackCheck is unable to provide a Vulnerable Sector Search, so this option only works if you’ve provided us with a Police Check with VSS in the past.

Coaching Clinics:

The Coach Stream and Initiation Program are now incorporated into a single course called Coach Level.  This is the certification required by Hockey Canada and MHL for house league Head Coaches.  (“A” coaches, see further below for “Development 1” clinics.)  Please note that Hockey Canada has made changes to their recreational stream coaching curriculums and this course now requires that participants complete the Hockey Canada – Hockey University online program in addition to a 4-hour in class course that includes a 1.5 hour on-ice training session.  You will be required to bring a CSA-approved helmet, skates, gloves and a hockey stick for the on-ice component.

This 4-hour course includes training on topics such as:

  • Supporting the athlete through communication
  • Teaching skills and progressions in the training environment
  • Designing and delivering practices
  • The game environment and game day preparations

The online course will be available to complete upon sign-up for any in-class Coach Stream clinic.  The online course will continue to be available on your Hockey Canada profile until it is completed.  The online portion must be completed before your in-class course date.

For clinic dates and locations, please click here.

The certification required by Hockey Canada and MHL to coach rep level hockey (A/AA/AAA) is called Development 1.  This 2-day course includes topics such as:  team building with athletes skills and progression, season planning, practice design, goaltending, offence, defence, individual/team tactics, and practice to game transitions.  New to the course is the NCCP “Making Ethical Decisions” workshop, which assists coaches in identifying the legal, ethical and moral implications of difficult situations that present themselves in team sports.  Also included is an on-ice training session designing and delivering the above topics.  You will be required to bring a CSA-approved helmet, skates, gloves, and a hockey stick for the on-ice component.  You must be 16-years of age to register for this course.

For clinic dates and locations, please click here.

Trainer’s Certification:

The MHL works with the HDCO (Hockey Development Centre of Ontario) to provide Trainer’s certification and recertification to coaches.  The HDCO has both online and in-class courses for certification at Level 1, as well as in-class-only Level 1 & 2 combination courses.  For more information go directly to www.hdco.on.ca or call them at 416-426-7252.

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