Playoff Format

2019-2020 MHL Playoffs

The ‘A’, ‘House League’ and ‘Minor Novice / Novice’ Playoff Formats to be used for the 2019-2020 season are available below. Please note the following points with regard to MHL Playoffs:

  1. Coaches and managers are reminded that while tournament entry is permitted, no schedule exemptions will be granted during MHL Playoffs.
  2. “If necessary” games are not posted in the MHL Games Centre. Based on results and should an additional game need to be played to secure a winner, typical procedure will be to “bump back” a match in a subsequent round of playoffs. In this way, teams may be “loosely” able to determine where their next game is likeliest to be played. Games may also be played in previously unallocated ice.
  3. MHL teams must stand ready to play on 18 hours notice during playoffs as per rule 22.05
  4. Home ice does not apply during playoffs as per rule 22.06

Playoff Information

To view and print the 2019-2020 “A” Playoff format, click here.

To view and print the 2019-2020 “House League” Playoff format, click here.

To view and print the 2019-2020 “Minor Novice & Novice” Playoff format, click here.

Important Notes Regarding the 2019-2020 MHL Playoffs:

  • The “A” Playoff format remains unchanged from 2018-2019.  (i.e. Overtime applies to all “A” Playoff games)
  • The House League Playoff format (i.e. a Round Robin followed by a Championship Weekend) remains unchanged from 2018-2019 as well.
    • There will be NO Playoff games during March Break (Saturday, March 14 through Sunday, March 22 inclusive)
    • All Semi-Final games will be played either on Friday, March 27 or Saturday, March 28
    • All Bronze and Gold/Silver Final games will be played on , Sunday, March 29