MHL Associations

The MHL offers hockey at five different skill levels: “A”, Red, White, Blue and Green. “Gold” hockey also exists at the U8 and U9 levels. These levels ensure that hockey is available to every youngster in the City of Mississauga.

There are currently 6 community Area Associations who are members of the MHL. Each season, these Associations enter over 300 teams that play an average of 225 games per week across City of Mississauga arenas.

Applewood Coyotes

Home Arena(s):  Chic Murray Arena (Burnhamthorpe Community Centre), Tomken Arena


The Applewood Hockey Association is one of six hockey associations in the City of Mississauga forming the Mississauga Hockey League. The Applewood Hockey Association was formed in the 1988-1989 hockey season as a result of the amalgamation of the Cawthra Park and Dixie Hockey Associations with Alex Morrison as the first president. The colours of Applewood adopted the blue and white of Cawthra Park and the yellow gold of Dixie. Cawthra Park Hockey was run out of the Cawthra Arena and Dixie Hockey was run out of the Chic Murray Arena. Over the years Chic Murray Arena has become home for the Applewood Hockey Association where our Trophy Case holds a history of minor hockey events.

History, hockey and amalgamation go hand in hand with Applewood Hockey Association. Cawthra Park was established in 1977 with the merger of Cawthra Hockey and Applewood Hockey. The first president was Edo Visentin with immediate past presidents, Dan Stone (Cawthra) and Hal Howard (Applewood). The last president was Myrtle Carson.

In the 1970-1971 hockey season, Cawthra Hockey was formed when Lyndwood Hockey and Lakeview Hockey merged. Games and practices were held on half ice at the Dixie Arena which was located off Dundas Street.

Lakeview Hockey was started by Bill Buss, in the then Toronto Township League, who dedicated his personal time to coach and manage thirteen teams. In past seasons, Applewood was able to honour his memory with the Annual Bill Buss Spring Invitational Tournament. Dixie Hockey was established in 1949 and merged with Burnhamthorpe Hockey in 1951-1952. We have little information on Burnhamthorpe Hockey other than its merger with Dixie Hockey.

There have been a number of players from these associations who continued their hockey into the pro ranks. Tom McCarthy played Novice at Dixie and went on to play for the Minnesota North Stars. For those who grew up in the Dixie area, many may recall the Stanfield brothers, an unusual feat in itself that four brothers played pro hockey. Freddie played for the Chicago Black Hawks and Boston Bruins, Jimmy for the Spokane Chiefs and L.A. Kings, Jackie for the Chicago Black Hawks and then the Dallas/ Houston Aeros and finally, Vic who played in Germany for 13 years.

Applewood’s current President is Mark Zizek.


Home Arena:  Erin Mills Twin Arena


Erindale is one of the largest of the six Associations that make up the Mississauga Hockey League (MHL). Along with the League, Erindale celebrated its 75th season during the 2021-2022 season.

The Erindale Hockey Association believes in the “athlete centred” approach to teaching the game of hockey. Our #1 priority is to ensure our athletes have fun and develop to the best of their ability, both on and off the ice. Respect for others and fairplay are two key values of the association. The most important element in developing athletes is to provide them with qualified coaches who create a positive learning environment with lots of enthusiastic encouragement.

Erindale has two key objectives: to provide the maximum opportunity for all children in Mississauga between 5 and 19 years of age to participate in hockey ; and to foster the development of hockey and life skills in a positive environment that encourages teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play. The development of our players and coaches is fundamental in achieving these objectives.

Programs and Initiatives
The development of our players begins with the Hockey Canada’s “initiation”, or U7 program. The IP is known as “Hockey for the fun of it.” The objective is to teach the fundamentals of hockey, fitness, and fair play in a fun environment. One of the important elements of the initiation program is the development of self-esteem and self-confidence of the players as they progress through the program. In addition to the initiation program, Erindale offers players 8 – 11 years of age a skills development hockey school that also focuses on the fundamentals of hockey in a non-competitive environment.

Erindale actively encourages and supports the continuing education of coaches through in-house coaching clinics and the CHA National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), or the National Trainers Certification Program (NTCP). All house league Head Coaches in Erindale must be certified at the “Coach Level” and all “A” team Head Coaches at the “Intermediate Level” under the NCCP. As well, Erindale strongly encourages all coaches to obtain their Trainers Certificate. U7 Instructors must also be certified under the NCCP at the “Initiation Program” level.

The Erindale Hockey Association was formed in 1946 by Mr. Wally Oughtred and his brother Gord. The Oughtred family is an old and established Mississauga family. Erindale’s sweater colours, double blue and red, have a long history. During World War II Mr. Oughtred was with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and he was stationed at Cap-De-La-Madeleine near Trois Rivieres, Quebec. He was a member of the Air Force Hockey Team and was very proud and fond of their hockey uniform, particularly the sweater in the RCAF colours, double blue and red.

While with the RCAF Wally was transferred back to Ontario. His sweater, instead of remaining behind with the rest of his equipment “accidentally” fell into his open kit bag where it wasn’t discovered until he arrived home in Erindale. After leaving the Air Force, Wally and Gord formed the very first Erindale Hockey Team to play in an Intermediate league. He wore his RCAF hockey sweater to the practices and it was admired by the rest of the team so much that they adopted it as the Erindale sweater. Today the Erindale logo includes the famous RAF Spitfire. The RAF Spitfire became famous during the Battle of Britain, July 10 – October 31, 1940 and symbolizes skill, determination, and a never quit attitude, the very attributes that Erindale Hockey strives to instill in its players and coaches.

Erindale’s current President is Ted Varty.

Heartland DragonsHome Arena:  Paramount Fine Foods Centre


The Heartland Dragons Hockey Association (Heartland) officially launched April 1, 2017 as the newest Mississauga Hockey League (MHL) community association.  Heartland provides minor hockey development and competition for boys and girls 4 to 18 years of age. The Association home rink is the Paramount Fine Foods Centre.  The Heartland Dragons evolved through the merger between two well-respected and historic organizations, Credit Valley Minor Hockey Association and Cooksville Minor Hockey Association. 

Heartland provides a comprehensive House League and competitive ”A” program whose teams participate in league play as one of six member associations of the MHL.  The inaugural President of the Heartland Hockey Association was Dan Tanaka and the current President is Robert Day. 

Cooksville History

The Cooksville Hockey Association initially began in 1945-46 as the Cooksville Athletic Club and later changed to the Cooksville Sports Club (CSC). The club was founded by Jack Belleghem, Albert Belford, Jim Newman, Gordon Harris, Charlie Copeland, Carson Crothers and Jim Kingsbury.

There was no local league at that time, so the one team, a Minor Midget team, coached by “Tait” Courtney, was entered into the Toronto Hockey League (THL). The following season four teams were entered into the THL, but in 1947 the MHL was formed with teams playing in a league in Mississauga. 

In the early 1950’s the CSC became the Cooksville Hockey Association with Dr. A.W. Wood as its President. In 1954, Art was responsible for the design and introduction of the mouthguard into minor hockey.  These mouth guards evolved into the face protection now worn throughout the world.  In 1967 the M.H.L. requested the areas to adopt Association colours and Cooksville took the colours of the local high school, the burgundy and white.

MHL Hall of Fame members from Cooksville are: “Marsh’ Marshall, Jack Belleghem, Dr. A.W. Wood, Al Hicks, Frank Schryver, and the late Ed Hobley and Joe Brooks. Dan Tanaka was the last President of Cooksville.

Credit Valley History

In 2005-2006, the Credit Valley Wolves Hockey Association evolved from the Malton Minor Hockey Association, that had been founded in 1949.  Ivan Elliott was the last President of Malton.  MHL Hall of Fame members from Malton are: Jack Weech, Morley Peeling, Alex MacPherson, Greg Anaka, Bill Peeling, Keith Cornell, Ed Armstrong, John Emo and Bob Willcocks.  Robert Day was the last President of Credit Valley.

Join the Dragons Hockey for Fun, Fitness, and Friendship.  Additional information is available at

Lorne Park Clarkson Wild

Home Arena(s):  Carmen Corbasson Arena & Community Centre, Clarkson Arena & Community Centre


The Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey Association was established at the end of the 2015-2016 hockey season and represents a merger of the Clarkson Hockey Association (the Hurricanes) and the Lorne Park Hockey Association (the Ojibwa).

The Lorne Park Hockey Association is one of the founding associations of the Mississauga Hockey League (formerly the Toronto Township Hockey League). The association, itself, originated in late 1944 as a hockey club within the Lorne Park Community Association. Its founder and president for the first eighteen years following its formation was Lyman Chapman. He was a dynamic and innovative person who insisted on only the best effort from all of the people around him.

Besides his knowledge of hockey organization, he recognized a need for safety equipment. This is what led him to the development and fabrication of the first goaltender facemasks. The year was 1955, a full four years before the National Hockey League saw the introduction of similar equipment. By 1956, Lyman had equipped each of his goaltenders with his own custom fabricated mask and facial injuries became a thing of the past.

The forest green and gold colours of Lorne Park predate the association. They were the corporate colours of A.E. Rule Construction, a business whose owner lived in Lorne Park. Albert Rule, the owner, was one of the first persons approached by Lyman Chapman to sponsor a team. Adopting the corporation’s colours was Lyman’s way of recognizing their support. Sponsor’s names were not allowed on sweaters in those early years but there was no “rule” against their colours.

The A.E. Rule sponsorship lasted until 1955 when Albert Rule died and his company dissolved. Although many years have past, that first sponsorship has not been forgotten. The Association’s predominant colours have remained forest green and gold.

Over the years, many former members of Lorne Park boards of directors have served as president of the MHL (T.T.H.L.). A total of seven have graduated to that office. These include Lyman Chapman (our founder), Harry Davidson, Art Corbett, Al Smith, Jack Darling, Jack Harris and, most recently, Alf Johnston. A notable name among those that served from Lorne Park would be that of Jack Darling. A waterfront park bearing his name has been dedicated for the use of residents and friends of the community.

The 2021-22 season marks the official 75th anniversary of the Association.

The Clarkson Hockey Association was established in 1958 by Bill and Pearl Templeton, as part of the Clarkson Athletic Association.  Practices and games were mainly in the Brampton area, although Port Credit and Oakville arenas were occasionally used.  The Park Royal, Sheridan Homelands, Rattray Park Estates and Lorne Park have grown and Clarkson Arena eventually became their base of operations.

Clarkson’s President prior to the merger with Lorne Park was Shawn Sandink.

The new Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey Association (LPCHA) is a South Mississauga based hockey club whose inaugural season will be 2016-2017.  Their mission is to provide and foster a safe environment for youth hockey while teaching core values of Leadership, Fair Play, Sportsmanship, and Personal Development.  In addition, the LPCHA is committed to providing leadership and stewardship to their local community through volunteering and fundraising efforts.

Lorne Park Clarkson’s inaugural (and current) President is Mike Doyle.

MeadowvaleHome Arena:  Meadowvale Four Rinks Arena


The Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association has the dual distinction of being one of the largest and youngest Associations in the MHL. The Association started in 1976 with 7 teams, a brand new arena and high hopes for a small but growing community of Meadowvale. A gutsy team of founding members (Bob Jones, Brian Shaw, Pat Jones, Jim Buckle, Wally Jones, Wally Rawn & Dave Strutt) may not have foreseen the amazing growth rate that the area was to go through, but they did put in place a philosophy and structure necessary to support the over 75 teams that Meadowvale now “ices” each year.

The Organization celebrated their 40th anniversary in the 2016-17 season. The Organization now supports a booming pre-tyke program for 4-6 year olds (Ice Puppys) as well as the regular age levels from U7 to U21 (Hawks).

As with any young organization that starts from scratch, its identity went through a few changes throughout the ’70s and ’80s. Team colours during the first decade were various shades of brown, white and orange. The late ’80s saw the move to the black, gray and white (L.A. Kings) jerseys before evolving into the present black, yellow and white (Boston Bruins).

The Meadowvale Hockey Association has always had a progressive approach to community hockey. “Family participation” is encouraged as well as the concepts of teamwork, respect, good sportsmanship and FUN. Meadowvale was the first association in the MHL to adopt the “S.T.O.P.” program for age levels where contact hockey is played and now players at all levels wear the “S.T.O.P” sign. This was adopted to help fight against excessive violence in hockey while promoting safe play.

The following people have served in the position of President for MMHA: Bob Jones, Dave Strutt, Jim Pinfold, Pat Jones, Richard Miron, Mac Macfarlane, Richard Ladouceur, Dominik Fortin, Michel Feuiltault, Ed Nomi, and Betty Burgess, John Hollohan, Jeff Leavens, Lorraine Muise, Jim Barbour, Ron Popadiuk, and most recently Steve Johnston. Fred Buchal, a former MHL President and inductee into the MHL Hall of Fame also coached for Meadowvale.

Meadowvale’s current President is Richard Foote and reinforces Meadowvale’s committment to teaching players to:

  • Love the game of hockey and have fun!!
  • Be generous in winning and more importantly, graceful in losing
  • Be fair and display sportsmanship both on and off the ice
  • Be obedient to the rules and respect the officials
  • Work for the good of the team and put the team first
  • Conduct yourself with honour and dignity, representing MMHA
  • Always strive to be the best you can be, and remember, it’s just a game!!!!

Port Credit Storm

Home Arena(s):  Port Credit Memorial Arena, Huron Park Arena & Community Centre


The Port Credit Hockey Association (PCHA) has been active in the community since 1958 with players aged 4 to 17, enjoying the sport of hockey. We celebrated our 60th anniversary during the 2018-19 season.

The Port Credit Storm teams participate in the Mississauga Hockey League, which has six member associations covering all areas within the City of Mississauga. The majority of the teams at Port Credit are at the house league level, practicing and playing games once a week.  The competitive Gold and “A” level teams play twice a week and have one association practice per week.  All players from U8 to U18 registered with the Port Credit participate in games against the other 5 MHL associations.

PCHA has a very well established U7 program (the Paperweights) for players aged 4, 5 and 6. The program complies with Hockey Canada’s policy of cross ice hockey while making sure each player has fun and improves during the course of the season.  Players are provided with a replica NHL uniform (jersey and socks), which are personalized with each player’s name on the back.  Graduates of our paperweight program include NHL players Max Domi, Jason Spezza and Matt Stajan.

Port Credit also runs the First Shift and Second Shift programs as a way to offer an accessible, affordable and fun introduction to the game of hockey.  Details can be found by clicking the following link

All players at Port Credit keep their team jersey and socks at the end of the season. In addition, players receive a team and individual photo as a season memento.  Young players from (U7) to (U11) also receive an individual trophy at the annual Players Banquet in the spring of each year.

Local businesses and other community-interested companies generously provide funds to PCHA through sponsorship donations. These sponsorships are used to offset the cost of the team uniforms.  Each player proudly wears their sponsor’s name on the back of their jersey.

Port Credit’s current President is Bill Beaton.


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