Tryouts, Imports, Evaluations, Convening

Tryouts All prospective “Rep” players

“A” – early May

Red – mid-to-late May

Gold (U8/U9) – Fall

To determine who will represent the Area Associations’ “A”, Red and Gold teams for the upcoming season.

Click here for information regarding Import Rules and Player Releases

2024-25 “A” Tryout Schedules by age group… click here (May 4-10, 2024)

2024-25 Red Tryout Schedules by Area Association… click here (May 11-17, 2024)

Evaluations All House League players (i.e. All non “Rep” players) Mid September

To determine the skill level of each registrant and to “grade” them for inclusion on a team that reflects similar abilities.

Each Area Association holds their own Evaluations.

The goal is to create balanced teams, of similar skill levels, in the tiered divisions of Red, White, Blue or Green.

Convening All House League players (i.e. All non “Rep” players) The first five to six weeks of the Regular Season

To determine the placement of each team within balanced divisions (by age and skill level) and to schedule them accordingly.

Convening of each age level is handled by a separate Committee comprised of an MHL Director as Committee Chair and a representative from each Area Association.

Decisions can be made to move teams or players, up or down, within their respective skill categories.

The goal is to provide a fair and balanced schedule within each division.