The return of hockey is getting closer, but how that will happen and what it means is still being determined.

As we see the province of Ontario, and areas around the MHL/GTHL slowly begin to re-open in a phased approach, the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) – the provincial hockey branch which the MHL/GTHL falls under – has released its own Return to Hockey framework that covers how we will return to hockey in Ontario.

Take the time to read the document and you will notice no dates are listed. That’s on purpose. The goal is to return to five-on-five hockey, but that will only happen with health authorities say it is safe.

The framework includes three phases with sub-stages within each phase. We are currently in Phase 2 – Stage 1. We could be asked to step back a stage or phase should the COVID curve spike.

On-ice activity can currently be done via an OHF Hockey Canada Licensed Skills Development Instructor.  Information on obtaining this certification can be found here. The first session will be held on June 22. Once instructors have this certification, they can train up to nine players from different minor hockey associations at one time.

You may see some Minor Hockey Associations around Ontario returning to the ice, but please be aware there are currently no MHL/GTHL sanctioned activities happening at this time.

Visit the GTHL’s FAQs if you need any clarification on the above.

If you have any further questions, please e-mail them to Jeff Leavens at the MHL.