Respect and Inclusivity


The Mississauga Hockey League is fully committed to inclusive programming for ALL participants and look to our coaches, players and parents to embrace this commitment as well.

As a Team Official you have completed the e-learning training, specific to “Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression” and A Guide to the Confidentiality Policy and Dressing Room Policy”. It is now important, that this information be passed on to the parents and players of your team as you create a safe and inclusive environment for the coming season.

The OHF requires the “pre-season chat” specific to Gender Diversity to take place at the beginning of each season. This video is to assist in delivering the required information.

The OHF thanks you for your continued assistance in creating a safe and inclusive environment.

If you or any of your Team parents or players have any questions pursuant to this video, you can contact the OHF (Ontario Hockey Federation) at 226-533-9070.

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