OHFThere have been several developments that originated from countless discussions in the race to be right since our latest update. Through it all one thing stands out: when hockey first returns it will look different.

Hockey Canada is now allowing each of the provincial branches to work with local health authorities to determine when it’s safe to return to hockey. Click here to see the full announcement.

Our provincial branch is the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), and representatives from that organization held a video conference with more than 600 hockey representatives this past Thursday evening.

Their message reflected what was said by Hockey Canada. Decisions will be made based on the advice of public health officials. Hockey in Thunder Bay and Sudbury may look different from hockey in Ottawa, Kingston, and the GTHL/MHL. Timing on when we return to ice may also be different based on region.

Although no dates will be set, the OHF is creating a return-to-play timeline which will include the GTHL and MHL. We will make that available to you as soon as it is made public.

This timeline will be released next week and will outline what steps need to happen before we can get back to hockey and what hockey will look like when we return.

Currently no hockey is permitted within the OHF. This includes all GTHL/MHL team activity, both on and off the ice.

If you want more information, considering reading these Hockey Canada FAQs on returning to play as well as safety guidelines that cover health and safety protocols for a variety of stakeholders. It’s a long read, more than 40 pages, and illustrates the care that is being taken on the path to traditional hockey.

We hope you take the time to review these documents.