Parent Guide & FAQ’s

A Parent’s Guide to the MHL

This Guide has been produced by the Mississauga Hockey League (MHL) to assist parents in understanding how the League, its Area Associations and their teams operate.  This guide is designed to give you general information only.  In all cases, it is subject to the actual wording of the Rules, Regulations or By-laws of the MHL, GTHL, the OHF, and Hockey Canada.  For more in-depth information, please navigate through our website.

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We are new to the MHL and are interested in registering our child to participate in the MHL at the House League level. How do we go about registering?

The MHL is made up of 8 Area Associations (Applewood, Clarkson, Cooksville, Credit Valley, Erindale, Lorne Park, Meadowvale, and Port Credit).  There are links on the website under “Area Associations” which will direct you to their websites and will generally provide contact information (ie. email address and/or hockey hotline phone number).  Registrations are accepted after the start of the season, however, registrations that come in after December 15th will be accepted only if there is space, and would be subject to all convening rules.  The last day in any season for registration is January 15th.  For further information, please visit the Registration Process page on our website.

How is the MHL set-up?

In House League, each age group is divided into four levels called “Red”, “White”, “Blue”, and “Green” (Minor Novice and Novice divisions have a “Gold” loops as well).  Each level is designated for players with specific hockey abilities.  This process ensures balanced and fair teams with equal opportunities for all players.  In the Minor Atom to Midget levels, the highest level of hockey takes place in the MHL in what is considered “Competitive” or “A” level hockey.  (Levels more competitive that “A”, in other words “AA” and “AAA”, fall under the jurisdicition of the GTHL and have nothing to do with the MHL).  Players “tryout” for these teams in April each year. 

What are House League evaluations?

Evaluations or “Tryouts” for all House League teams (Red, White, Blue, Green) will take place during the Evaluation period in early to mid-September.  These evaluations are run by the respective Associations.  Players are placed on teams and in levels in conjunction with skill and ability displayed during this period.  Please consult your Association website for complete information on Tryout (evaluation) times and locations. 

What is Convening?

During the first six weeks of the MHL season (House League only), representatives from each Association and the MHL Board of Directors will review the balance of divisions and teams and attempt to organize playing levels as fairly as possible.  Divisional Committees may move teams and/or players up or down within the various categories as deemed necessary and appropriate during the Convening period.  Players could also be moved laterally to balance two teams from the same Association in the same division.  This process provides balance within the divisions. 

During the convening period, I did not agree with the loop at which my child or his/her team was placed for the upcoming season. Who can I speak with in regards to this?

As a parent, the best thing to do in this situation, is to speak with your team’s Head Coach.  From here, the Head Coach has the option to address any issues or concerns to the Association Convening Representative from that level.  Your Association Convening Rep from your division can address matters with the Head Coach, or if need be, contacting the Convening Chair from that division.  For more information on Convening, please refer to the MHL Yearbook which is available for download on the MHL website. 

How do I obtain the game schedule for my child’s hockey games?

If you are on the MHL website ( and on the left hand side of the menu, if you scroll over “Players” and then click on “Game Centre” it will direct you to the BladeNet site that will show your game schedule.  Please note that game schedules can change from time to time.  All teams must stand by to play on 18 hours’ notice. 

How are MHL games scheduled?

All “A” team schedules are posted 30 days prior to the season start.  In House League during the Convening Period (the first six weeks of the season) the House League schedules can be found in the Games Centre on or about the Wednesday or Thursday prior to each weekend.  Approximately 3 weeks after the convening process, six full week so fthe House League Schedule will be posted.  Please note that game schedules can change from time to time, so it is important to continue to check the Games Centre frequently. 

Will there be games played on statuatory holidays?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  We’ll likely play on Thanksgiving Monday, but not the Sunday; we won’t play on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, or New Year’s Day; we likely won’t play on Family Day; we don’t play on Good Friday but we likely will play on Easter Sunday and Monday.

When do MHL Playoffs Start and End?

Playoffs generally start early to mid-February and depending on how far you go, can go up to early/mid April prior to the OHF Championships. 

Can my son/daughter play in the MHL and for another hockey club?

No.  No player can be registered with another hockey club or association that is directly affiliated with another hockey league (eg. GTHL, Ontario Minor Hockey Association, Alliance, and OWHA) while registered with the MHL. 

My child incurred an injury during a team activity (ie. game, practice, exhibition game, sanctioned tournament). What are my next steps?

Any injury sustained during team activities must be reported to the MHL via the Hockey Canada Injury Report found by clicking here. Once this form is filled out, a copy is to be submitted to the MHL Office.  Please check with your child’s coaching staff to ensure they have copies of these important forms at all sanctioned activities.

My child has incurred a concussion, what are my next steps?

The concussion must be reported by filling out a Hockey Canada Injury Report From which can be found by clicking here.  Once the form is filled out, it must be submitted to the MHL Office.  Any player who has been diagnosed by a physician to have any degree of concussion from any activity will NOT be permitted to return to playing status in the MHL, including practices or dry land training, without the written authorization from the physician on the MHL Return To Play Form and a copy of that form being supplied to the MHL Office.