The Mississauga Hockey League, in conjunction with its’ six Area Association partners, is pleased to announce that it is introducing a new program to strengthen player development at the Novice and Atom age levels.Starting in September we will be combining:

  • Major & Minor Novice into one age division (7 & 8 year olds)
  • Major & Minor Atom into one age division (8 & 9 year olds)

Note that these changes will NOT affect our Rep (i.e. Gold and “A”) level teams.

A Proven Concept

While the Novice and Atom combined age programs are new, the concept has already been proven both across Canada and within the MHL. Coaches and Convenors have grouped players with equivalent skill levels in certain age groups for many years.  The results have been invaluable in terms of the benefit to whole teams and also individual players.  Most jurisdictions within Hockey Canada currently combine age groups to enhance player development.

Player Benefits

The introduction of this program will provide a larger pool of players for the Convening Committee. This means several positive deliverables for your child’s hockey development, including:

  • Increase the opportunity to place the player with like-skilled players
  • Create greater diversity in opponents than what currently exists
  • Increase division size (i.e. Red, White, Blue, Green) to provide more balanced competition
  • Teams will now be comprised of players grouped at appropriate skill levels rather than based solely on age specific requirements
  • Teams will be convened into divisions of equivalent competition as teams will play against opponents with a similar skill level

Entering Tournaments

Teams will be entered into tournaments based upon the oldest-aged players on the team. For example, a team of major and minor Atoms would enter the Atom division of the tournament.

Success and Future Development

The MHL is always striving to improve its product offering by looking at all programs in a holistic manner. As these combined aged programs roll out in the fall we will monitor and analyze the results.  The success of this program may see the implementation of this approach in older age groups in the future.

If you have any questions or require further information about this program please contact the MHL Office, your Area Association, your Coach, or your Convenor.

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