MHL U21 Division

In light of renewed interest in a U21 (formerly Juvenile) division, the MHL has once again decided to set it up.


  • Games will be Sunday, late afternoon to early evening
  • Regular season commences weekend of October 22, 2022
  • One game per week, no practices (approx. 22 games, including playoffs)
  • Players will register directly with the MHL
  • Cost per player – $525 (which includes a jersey & socks)

Full-team entries will be accepted… if you have a full-team (i.e. 1 goaltender and 13-15 skaters), contact

To register for the U21 division you will first need to set up a new account in the new Hockey Canada Player Registry, then link your profiles (if applicable) in order to register for the coming season. Profiles for players, coaches and volunteers have been transferred to the new version so all hockey ID numbers are the same.  Here are a couple of guides to help you:

HCR3.0 Quick Start Guide

How to create a Hockey Registry Account

And last but not least, the registration link… click here!