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Please refer to the MHL Yearbook for the following Regulations:
- Playoffs - Rule 22.0
- Tournament Entry - Rule 32.0


  • Please note that every Team must have a Permit for every Tournament, regardless of whether or not a schedule exemption is being requested.
  • Each time may request no more that two scheduling exemptions during the season, and all such requests must be made a minimum of 6 (six) weeks prior to the Tournament.
  • There will be NO EXEMPTIONS granted during the MHL Playoffs.
  • Upon completion of the Tournament, copies of all Game Sheets must be forwarded to the MHL Office within 48 hours of return from the Tournament. Failure to do so will result in future Permit requests being denied.

This permission is granted on the understanding that a team's first obligation is to its regular season and playoff games.


Mississauga Hockey League

Ted Varty
Executive Director
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