We are pleased to announce that a new merger of MHL Area Associations has been worked out.  On the one hand, it is with a certain amount of disappointment that we have to report that the proposed merger between the Applewood Hockey Association and the Credit Valley Hockey Association has been officially called off.  Certain conditions that were required could not be met, and both parties have agreed that they would be unable to move forward as originally proposed.

CooksvilleHowever on the other hand, given the significant benefits available through the merger of two of the MHL’s smaller organizations, Credit Valley has arranged a merger with the Cooksville Hockey Association, effective for the 2016-2017 hockey season.Credit Valley

The benefits of this merger are at least two-fold:

1 – The combined organization can offer better value through a range of hockey opportunities with multiple House League teams at each age.  The new organization plans to offer “A”, Select Six, and a Tyke Program with more teams that will combine the key strengths of both existing programs.

2 – Combining Associations will also provide a deeper pool of energized volunteers to move the new organization forward.  This will result in better management of all association responsibilities including top level coaching at each level.

This merger has the following key elements:

1 – Dan Tanaka will be the inaugural President of the new organization.

2 – The new team name will be the Phantom Wolves.

3 – The team colours will be maroon, white, red & black.

A combination of the old to create the new!Phantom Wolves

Further details regarding status of House League coaches, registration, etc. will be posted on the respective Credit Valley and Cooksville websites shortly.

Both organizations, the MHL, and the other Area Associations are excited about this new opportunity for new and returning players in Mississauga.