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The Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey Association was established at the end of the 2015-2016 hockey season and represents a merger of the Clarkson Hockey Association (the Hurricanes) and the Lorne Park Hockey Association (the Ojibwa).

The Lorne Park Hockey Association is one of the founding associations of the Mississauga Hockey League (formerly the Toronto Township Hockey League). The association, itself, originated in late 1944 as a hockey club within the Lorne Park Community Association. Its founder and president for the first eighteen years following its formation was Lyman Chapman. He was a dynamic and innovative person who insisted on only the best effort from all of the people around him.

Besides his knowledge of hockey organization, he recognized a need for safety equipment. This is what led him to the development and fabrication of the first goaltender facemasks. The year was 1955, a full four years before the National Hockey League saw the introduction of similar equipment. By 1956, Lyman had equipped each of his goaltenders with his own custom fabricated mask and facial injuries became a thing of the past.

The forest green and gold colours of Lorne Park predate the association. They were the corporate colours of A.E. Rule Construction, a business whose owner lived in Lorne Park. Albert Rule, the owner, was one of the first persons approached by Lyman Chapman to sponsor a team. Adopting the corporation’s colours was Lyman’s way of recognizing their support. Sponsor’s names were not allowed on sweaters in those early years but there was no “rule” against their colours.

The A.E. Rule sponsorship lasted until 1955 when Albert Rule died and his company dissolved. Although many years have past, that first sponsorship has not been forgotten. The Association’s predominant colours have remained forest green and gold.

Over the years, many former members of Lorne Park boards of directors have served as president of the MHL (T.T.H.L.). A total of seven have graduated to that office. These include Lyman Chapman (our founder), Harry Davidson, Art Corbett, Al Smith, Jack Darling, Jack Harris and, most recently, Alf Johnston. A notable name among those that served from Lorne Park would be that of Jack Darling. A waterfront park bearing his name has been dedicated for the use of residents and friends of the community.

The 2006-07 season marked the official 60th anniversary of the Association.

The Clarkson Hockey Association was established in 1958 by Bill and Pearl Templeton, as part of the Clarkson Athletic Association.  Practices and games were mainly in the Brampton area, although Port Credit and Oakville arenas were occasionally used.  The Park Royal, Sheridan Homelands, Rattray Park Estates and Lorne Park have grown and Clarkson Arena eventually became their base of operations.

Clarkson’s President prior to the merger with Lorne Park was Shawn Sandink.

The new Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey Association (LPCHA) is a South Mississauga based hockey club whose inaugural season will be 2016-2017.  Their mission is to provide and foster a safe environment for youth hockey while teaching core values of Leadership, Fair Play, Sportsmanship, and Personal Development.  In addition, the LPCHA is committed to providing leadership and stewardship to their local community through volunteering and fundraising efforts.

Lorne Park Clarkson’s inaugural President is Mike Doyle.

For more information regarding Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey, please visit their website, www.lpcha.ca.

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