Mississauga Hockey LeagueThe Mississauga Hockey League is pleased to advise that League expansion continues as we welcome teams from the Oakville Rangers Hockey Club Advanced House League Program into our League for 2022-23!

We are further pleased to advise that the west-end GTHL Clubs that joined us in 2021-22, George Bell, Humber Valley and West Mall, will be back with us again in 2022-23, this time for the entire season.

In addition, we continue to look forward to seeing teams from the Streetsville Hockey League in our midst this season.

With the support of the Greater Toronto Hockey League and the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, we will continue to try to grow the game at the grassroots level by working with these and other local hockey organizations.

On behalf of the MHL Board of Directors and six Area Association Presidents, we wish these teams, and all of our MHL teams, the best of luck for the 2022-2023 season.  WELCOME TO THE MHL!