Heartland DragonsThe Mississauga Hockey League’s newest community Association officially launched April 1, 2017. The Heartland Dragons Hockey Association provides minor hockey development and competition for boys and girls 4 to 20 years of age. The Association is based out of Mississauga’s Valley Community Centre and the Hershey Centre and will begin accepting player registrations for all ages and all levels of House League play beginning May 2017.

Based on last year’s strong merger between two well-respected and historic organizations, Credit Valley Minor Hockey Association and Cooksville Minor Hockey Association, the Heartland Dragons offer an exciting new season for 2017-2018 with over 700 players on more than forty teams.

The Heartland Dragons Hockey Association provides a comprehensive House League and highly competitive Representative ”A” program that will play as one of the six member associations of the Mississauga Hockey League.

Join the Dragons Hockey for Fun, Fitness, and Friendship

Additional information is available at www.HeartlandDragons.ca

The Phantom Wolves (now the Heartland Dragons) were created for the 2016-2017 hockey season, and represent a merger of the Cooksville Phantoms and the Credit Valley Wolves.

The Cooksville Hockey Association initially began in 1945-46 as the Cooksville Athletic Club and later changed to the Cooksville Sports Club. The club was founded by Jack Belleghem, Albert Belford, Jim Newman, Gordon Harris, Charlie Copeland, Carson Crothers and Jim Kingsbury.

There was no local league at that time, so the one team, a Minor Midget team, coached by “TAIT” Courtney, was entered into the Toronto Hockey League. The following season, they were able to enter four teams into the T.H.L., but in 1947 the T.T.H.L. (now the M.H.L.) was formed and now we had teams playing in a league in our own area.

In the early 50’s the Sports Club became the Cooksville Hockey Association with Dr. A.W. Wood as its president. Art was responsible for the design and introduction of the mouthguard into minor hockey. He manufactured them and insisted that Cooksville teams wear them. This was in 1954 and by 1961 the league made the wearing of mouth protection mandatory. This mouth guard evolved into the face protection now worn throughout the world.

In 1967 the M.H.L. requested the areas to adopt Association colours and Cooksville took the colours of the local high school, the burgundy and white, which are still worn today.

The Pre-Tyke Hockey School began in 1976 with Brian Wright as the Head Coach and still offers skating and skill development for five and six year olds. In 1988, the “New Concept” teams were given to the areas and Cooksville adopted the NAVAJO as their “A” level.  In 2003 the Association changed the “A” level name from NAVAJO to the Phantoms.

M.H.L. Hall of Fame members from Cooksville are “Marsh’ Marshall, Jack Belleghem, Dr. A.W. Wood, Al Hicks, Ed Hobley and the late Joe Brooks. At the end of last season, Frank Schryver was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his valued contributions to hockey in Mississauga. Bob Sicinski played his minor hockey with Cooksville before turning pro by joining the Chicago Cougars of the W.H.A. in 1970-71.

Cooksville’s current President is Dan Tanaka and Dan is also the inaugural President of the Phantom Wolves.

In 2005-06, the Credit Valley Wolves Hockey Association evolved from the Malton Minor Hockey Association, that had been founded in 1949.  The first MMHA executive consisted of Alex MacPherson, Ron MacNeil, Don Williams and Jack Weech.  All of the interest and hard work over the years by the numerous Malton citizens paid off handsomely, as thousands of boys participated and benefited from the competitive spirit and comraderie of minor hockey.

Credit Valley’s inaugural, and final, President was Robert Day.

The new Phantom Wolves Hockey is a Central Mississauga based hockey club whose inaugural season will be 2016-2017 and will operate under the Cooksville Hockey Assocation. Our mission is to provide and foster a fun and safe environment for youth hockey while teaching all the values of Leadership, Fair Play, Sportsmanship, and Personal Development.  The Cooksville Hockey Association and the Phantom Wolves are committed to providing leadership through volunteering and fundraising  efforts.

For more information regarding Phantom Wolves Hockey, please visit their website, www.phantomwolveshockey.com.


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