Mississauga Hockey LeagueThe MHL is aware of the leadership changes announced late yesterday by Hockey Canada.  We have been and will continue to work with the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL), who is the MHL’s governing body, and who work with their governing body, the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), a direct Member of Hockey Canada.

All parties will continue to participate in dialogue to ensure that our voice is heard and that we are contributing in a positive way to rebuild the trust of players and families in Mississauga.  We will also continue to work with and learn from our partners while continuing to support the MHL Associations to play our part in making the changes necessary to ensure that the game of hockey is welcoming and safe for all participants.

There are a number of great candidates in Mississauga and the GTA who would be excellent leaders for the future of Hockey Canada.  We encourage anyone who believes that they have the skillset to be a Hockey Canada Director to get in contact with the Hockey Canada Nominations Committee.  For further details and for a Nominations Form, click here.