Every year the GTHL certifies over 1300 officials. The opportunity to honour and thank those who have contributed to the Hockey Canada Officiating program takes place every year in a ‘pub-style’ event.  This year’s winners from the MHL, shown with our Manager of Game Officials, Nick Mintsopoulos (on the far left) are Ed Beattie, John Macdonald, Liam Beaudoin & Ryan McCann (not able to attend).

The George McBride Memorial Award is presented to the MHL Referee as selected from his/her peers who portrays characteristics of dedication, positive attitude, fair play, communication skills and an overwhelming desire to be a dedicated member of the league. The winner for the 2017-18 season is Ed Beattie (Pictured Left Centre).

The Hockey Canada Most Deserving Official Award recognizes the official who has contributed the most to the officiating program at any level, in any capacity. The 2017-18 award winner is John Macdonald (Pictured Right Center).

The Hockey Canada Most Improved Official Award. Presented to the MHL Officiating Program official who has shown the most improvement as an official over the year. The 2017-18 award winner is Liam Beaudoin (Pictured Far Right).

The Hockey Canada Most Promising Official Award recognizes the MHL Official who has shown a great deal of expertise and potential. The 2017-18 award winner is Ryan McCann (Could not attend event).

Congratulations to all of the winners from the MHL.

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