Effect of Mar 4/17 LOR Agreement Changes on MHL “A” Teams  

Note that the LOR* Agreement applies only to Rep Teams at the “A” level and above. House League teams, including Gold, are exempt from this Rule but are subject to the City of Mississauga’s cap of 10% imports maximum.

These changes are effective for the 2017-18 (and beyond) hockey seasons.

Import Quotas:

  • Unchanged at 3 per team by OHF rules
    • MHL will allow 2 imports per “A” team per Presidents Agreement, MHL rule, and City of Mississauga cap of 10% imports

Tryouts & Releases:

Only players who reside in Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan can tryout for any MHL/GTHL team without the need for any paperwork. Players who reside in Markham, Oakville, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Pickering or Ajax can only tryout based on the provisions listed below and are subject to import restrictions. Players who reside in any other municipality cannot tryout or register with any GTHL Team. The only exception to this is at the “AAA” level, in which case a player would require “AAA” Waivers in order to be eligible to tryout and register with any GTHL “AAA” team.

As a reminder, players from any OMHA LOR Centre attending tryouts with an MHL or GTHL Team, from Minor Atom – PeeWee, require a copy of a Release Form from their OMHA LOR Centre in order to tryout for an MHL or GTHL Team in the Division and Category the Release is issued for before that player is permitted to tryout for that MHL or GTHL team.

Players who require a Release Form:

Minor Atom, Atom, Minor PeeWee and Peewee:

Any player who resides in Oakville, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Pickering or Ajax. The only exception to this is a player who was registered with the same MHL or GTHL team at both Minor Atom in 2016-17 and Atom in 2017-18 or Atom in 2016-17 and Minor Peewee in 2017-18. This player can return to the same team at Minor PeeWee or Peewee respectively without requiring a release. This player has been grandfathered from the LOR changes made in 2017, providing this player remains with the same team. If the player changed teams in either season, or is changing teams for the 2018-19 season, a release from their OMHA LOR Centre is required.

Markham Residents:

  1. Any Markham resident at Minor Atom or any Markham resident who has never played “A”, “AA” or “AAA” hockey before requires two Release forms: one from the OMHA Markham Waxers (“A”, “AA” and “AAA”) and one from the GTHL Markham Islanders (“A” and “AA”) or GTHL Markham Majors (“AAA). Once this player has a release from both the Markham OMHA organization and the appropriate Markham GTHL organization, that player may tryout for any Division and Category they may wish to.
  2. Any Markham resident trying out from Minor Atom to PeeWee who played “A”, “AA” or “AAA” hockey in the OMHA during the 2017-18 season.

Players who require a Permission to Skate Form:

  • Minor Bantam to Midget (excluding Midget “AAA”)… Any player who was not registered with a GTHL (includes MHL) Team during the just-ending season and resides in Oakville, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Pickering or Ajax.


Tryout Period:

AAA – April 15 – 21, 2019

AA – April 22 – 28, 2019

A – April 29 – May 5, 2019

To view some LOR-related “frequently asked questions, please click here.

*The LOR, or Lake Ontario Region, is an area that is made up of the following:  GTHL (Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan), and the surreounding OMHA area including Oakville, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Ajax & Markham.  (Note that Milton, Georgetown & Burlington, to name a few, are NOT considered part of the LOR.)


  • Call the MHL Office, (905) 607-1118