Effect of Mar 4/17 LOR Agreement Changes on MHL “A” Teams  

Note that the LOR* Agreement applies only to Rep Teams at the “A” level and above. House League teams, including Gold, are exempt from this Rule but are subject to the City of Mississauga’s cap of 5% imports maximum.

These changes are effective for the 2017-18 hockey season.

Import Quotas:

  • Unchanged at 3 per team by OHF rules
    • MHL will allow 2 imports per “A” team per Presidents Agreement, MHL rule, and City of Mississauga cap of 5% imports

Releases Required:

  • Minor Atom to Peewee – YES
    • Players must first try-out in their residential centre
      • If an offer is made, and declined, the player is not eligible for a release at that level
      • If not offered a roster spot they will be provided a Release and are eligible to attend tryouts elsewhere in the LOR
      • A release applies only at the same competitive level (i.e. a release from a AAA team allows that player to try-out and play AAA elsewhere in the LOR, but not AA or A (and vice-versa, and so on)
  • Minor Bantam to Midget – NO
    • These players are automatically released each season
    • In order to attend tryouts with a team outside of their Member Partner (i.e. GTHL player trying out for an OMHA team, or vice-versa), players are required to obtain a Permission to Skate form from their former Association or Club.

Grandfathering Provisions re Import Players:

  • If playing as an import in 2016-17, you may continue as an import, subject to the following:
    • Current Minor Atom or Atom:
      • Must remain with the same team
      • If switching teams, players will have to go back to their Home centre and try-out there. If no spot is offered, and a Release is received, that player is then welcome to try-out for an MHL team.
    • Current Minor Peewee to Midget
      • May play on any team in the MHL/GTHL
    • A current player who returns to try-out in his residential centre and who receives an offer, is ineligible for release

Tryout Period:

  • To remain unchanged for 2017-18
  • “Decision dates” for 2017-18 are still under review… details to follow
  • 2018-19 will see some changes, which will be detailed at a later date

To view some LOR-related “frequently asked questions, please click here.

*The LOR, or Lake Ontario Region, is an area that is made up of the following:  GTHL (Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan), and the surreounding OMHA area including Oakville, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Ajax & Markham.  (Note that Milton, Georgetown & Burlington, to name a few, are NOT considered part of the LOR.)


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